PennCon Categories

Contest Categories

Military versus Non-Military subjects will be based on the paint scheme and markings of the model.

Questions as to the which category an entry belongs in will be handled by the Head Judge for a final decision.

1. Aircraft, Military

  • Based on paint scheme and/or markings
  • Jet and propeller driven
  • Rockets and missiles that are not spacecraft

2. Aircraft, Civilian

3. Vehicles, Civilian

  • Cars all types
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles

4. Vehicles, Military

  • Tanks/Armored vehicles
  • Wheeled and tracked soft-skinned
  • Artillery self-propelled and towed

5. Ships/Watercraft, Military

6. Ships/Watercraft, Civilian

7. Figures

  • Single subjects, only the model will be judged

8. Dioramas

  • Model (plane, vehicle, ship, etc) with figure(s) on landscape base

9. Vignettes

  • Figures on landscape base

10. Fantasy/Science Fiction Non-Figures

  • Spacecraft, vehicles, machinery etc.
  • Single subjects, only the model will be judged

11. Unique Subjects

  • Any entries that do not apply to any other category
  • Railroad, scratch-built, etc.

12. Juniors (16 and under)

  • All subjects