Contest Rules

PennCon Contest Rules

1. Each category will have a gold, silver, and bronze awards. Awards will be based on objective criteria based on IPMS-USA standards of judging. Each registrant will be eligible to receive all awards in any category regardless of the number of entries as decided by the judging team.

2. Models are entered solely at the entrant’s risk. The Central Pennsylvania Chapter, IPMS/USA  and the hotel/convention center do not assume any liability for loss or damage to any model.

3. Models may be displayed on a base of reasonable size. Bases will not be judged in any category except Dioramas. Any entry which, by virtue of its base or setting, depicts a story or theme, must be entered in a diorama category.

4. Paint scheme and/or markings will be the main determinant between the civil and military classes.

5. Contest entries must conform to the OFFICIAL POLICY of IPMS USA in order to be entered. PennCon will not exercise the option to use screened presentations, so entries that would require such an area may not be entered.

6. Manufacturer pre-painted models may be entered in the appropriate category for the model. On the contest entry form, builders must indicate the fact that their entry is pre-painted. Such entries may be either metal or plastic, but they MUST have been assembled by the entrant.

7. The Contest Registration Committee will assist in determining an entry’s class at the time of registration, but the final determination rests with the Chief Judge. The decision of the Chief Judge is final. Categories may be combined or split at the discretion of the Contest Committee.

8. Junior entrants (age 16 or younger) may compete in either the junior or regular categories, but not both.

9. It is recommended that a detailed description of the process used in the construction and finishing of the model be documented on the model entry form so that the judges will be able to determine scope of effort for an entry.

10. All models entered in the competition are subject to close examination by the judges, and are expected to be complete in every respect.

11. An entry which has won a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place award, or a Judges Grand Award, at any IPMS/USA regional or national contest, can be entered for display only. Honorable Mentions, Merit Awards, or Best Out-of-the Box Awards are excluded.

12. Any attempt by the builder to influence the judges will result in disqualification of all entries by that modeler.